Peter van Tour (b. 1966)

Dutch musicologist, composer. Co-founder of the Gotland School of Music Composition. Has also been working as Music Critic, Radio Producer at the Swedish Radio P2.

Selection of Musical Compositions:

  1. Ein Winterabend (1995)

  2. Moria (1998)

  3. Morene (2001) for recorder and harpsichord

  4. Full Fathom Five (2008) for brass quintet - download score (360 K)

  5. Clocks (2008) for wind quintet - download score (0.8 MB) - download part V (2.1 MB)

  6. Circles and Clouds (2010)


  1. De a cappella koorwerken van Erik Bergman (1990)

  2. Zarlino (2002)

  3. Historic Solmisation (2007)

  4. Klingande Klossar (2008) - download part 1 (6,3 MB)

  5. Workbook in Aural Training ‘Listen and Learn’ (2008)


     After I had completed my studies in musicology and music teaching in my native country the Netherlands, in 1990, I moved to the Island of Gotland in Sweden, where I have been working as a music teacher. During these years I have been teaching music theory at the Gotland School of Music Composition and at Christopher Polhemgymnasiet, both in Visby.

    In my classes I have developed a workbook in Aural Training ‘Listen and Learn’. This progressive method takes its starting point in real music in different styles. In my aural training classes we imitate, we sing, we play, we improvise. In an ongoing process we reflect on musical parameters by singing notenames, using my ‘rhythm-box system’ and we finally also write down the music in our work-sheets. ‘Listen and Learn’ was developed for use in groups at all levels.

    Would You like me to visit Your school and give a presentation of my aural training method, please contact me.


                                                                   Peter van Tour